The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected each of us in unique but equally challenging ways.  Offices have been closed, jobs lost or modified yet bills keep piling up.  Figuring out what to do and how to do it can be frustrating. 

Do you have a mortgage payment due?

Is your landlord demanding rent despite the fact that you have lost your job?

Are you finding it impossible to file an unemployment claim?

Do you qualify for assistance?

Do you have a child in college who was forced to come home and you are still being required to pay for college housing and other expenditures?

Were you injured in a car accident or slip and fall during this period of personal and economic uncertainty?

Has the fear of the unknown made you realize that you do not have a will or basic estate plan?

Have you been taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies seeking to excessively profit from the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Have you or your family made travel plans (such as a spring break trip for your college student) and the company has refused to provide a satisfactory refund?

You have the questions and we have the answers.  Contact the Massarelli Law Group today and set up a free initial consultation.

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